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Gourmet Festival

23-05-14 13:03 | Author
Gourmet Festival

The event is a must for those who love Hungarian gastronomy. Almost the entire list of the top Hungarian restaurants will be there; from the pearls of the countryside to those showcasing Budapest’s starchefs. This year’s Gourmet puts Layered Potato, a well-known Hungarian dish, firmly in focus. In 2014, the organizers set the aim to reach beyond and further educate the public by making it possible for them to sample the tastes from the country’s best restaurants in one location. In addition, quality street-food vendors and the most refined Budapest based international cuisines will also have the opportunity to showcase their finest to the gourmet visitors.

Over the last three years, in the hands of Sziget Cultural Management, the event has been completely transformed. By today, Gourmet Festival is without a doubt considered as the most prestigious event on the Hungarian gastronomy calendar. The high standards don’t just apply to the composition of the participants and the truly unique food on offer, but also to the setup of the location and the number of seats; from the distinctive set of plates to the additional programs, everything serves to achieve the goal that visitors come away with a true experience.

We are proud to get the chance to represent city of Debrecen for two years now, on Gourmet Festival.

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