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Václav Klaus' favorite dish is palócleves

05-12-12 11:51 | Author Gálik Judit
Václav Klaus' favorite dish is palócleves

On 5 December 2012 the mayor of Debrecen, Lajos Kósa hosted lunch to the president of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus in our restaurant.

Our team was terribly excited already in the preparation phase as we had to ensure that we could meet the special demands of our guests at all levels so that they could take our reputation to faraway lands.
Prior to dinner the restaurant underwent inspection, all corners of the restaurants were scrutinised by fire experts and security personnel; I was not even allowed in with my camera through the back door without it being checked for its inability to cause mass destruction.

After the successful completion of the event I wanted to find out what the staff felt like at the end of the day:

András Csomós sous-chef
It was an exceptional experience for us all to be able to cook for president Václav Klaus. A food engineer was on site from the very beginning of the preparation process to monitor the journey, quality and preparation time of the raw materials. Despite the huge expectations he had of us, he was often impressed by the degree of routine with which we approached safety and hygiene. He was surprised to see that the use of gloves for us was elementary and also normal, that we boiled the water before salt curing, we used precise measurement to the nearest gram, and that we used only quality raw materials. On the whole, he did not have a lot to do and in the end we received words of appraisal from him to the effect that he had rarely experienced such level of professionalism and precision.

Zoltán Ember sommelier
For me it was a great honour to serve such high-ranked office holders. It speaks for itself that he President and the mayor did not only taste the wines we served but savoured every sip of it with joy.

Béla Vállai manager
After receiving the order, we were preparing for the big event with great excitement from the very onset even though working out the most minute details consumed a lot of energy. When designing the menu we had to focus on representing Hungarian flavours in our own interpretation. We spent days with the specialists of the Debrecen Borudvar trying to find the optimal wines to accompany our meals.
During the lunch, we did all we could to secure a pleasant atmosphere in which all guests had a good time and were allowed to indulge in culinary pleasures at ease in a relaxed setting despite the rigidity of protocolary constraints.

Zsolt Kőrösi owner
Václav Klaus was really kind to everyone; meeting him was a great experience for me personally. From the feedback we received, I think he was pleased with our services. When he entered the venue, he said that it was a "verynice restaurant".
After the second course, he added that they would be coming over to Hungary more often for this soup. I sincerely hope that we will have a chance to welcome him again soon sometime in the future.

The menu:
Foie Gras with Home Made Milk Loaf and Baked Pear
Palocleves with Horse Radish Sour Cream Soufflé
Manalitsa Trio with Thyme Mashed Potato and Baked Wild Mushrooms
Tokaji Aszu Wine Jelly with Fresh Grapes, Almond Crumbs and Lemon Cottage Mousse

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