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IKON Kamra

IKON Kamra

With the IKON Kamra (Larder) we aimed to add a cosy and, at the same time, modern atmosphere to your lunch and dinner, furthermore, to serve as an artisan shop where the products of IKON and the best local producers can be found.

It seems we have achieved our goal with Kamra: it has become a modern, bistro-like part within the IKON which serves as a perfect venue of a friendly talk, having a glass of good wine or a cup of coffee. What is more, Kamra has its own menu on which we collected our favourite selections of Hungarian specialities or cheeses as excellent ‘contributors’ to an informal business or friendly meeting. If you wish to take a piece of Kamra home, we have a wide range of handcrafted products to choose from.

Besides food, we pay close attention to drinks: Hungarian handcrafted wines are served in Kamra which can be tasted nowhere else in the eastern region but here. We have brand-new cocktails, too, so everything is given for the perfect Kamra experience.

From our Larder

Crackling pate, paprika salami from Békés - 2.590 Ft
(Crackling pate, paprika salami, pickles, homemade toast)

Goose liver, mangalitsa pate - 3.590 Ft
(Cold goose liver, mangalitsa pate, pear chutney, homemade toast)

Cheese selection from our matured cheeses for 2 - 2.990 Ft

Country pork rillette, toast, pickles - 1.990 Ft

Mangalitsa fat, homemade toast - 790 Ft

A basket of homemade bread - 490Ft

Light Lunch

Soup of the day 990 Ft

Mangalitsa debreziner, mustard, homemade bread - 1.190 Ft

Salt-baked beetroot salad, soft cheese, cashew - 1.490 Ft

Homemade pasta with vegetables and matured cheese - 1.990 Ft

Beef steak tartare, homemade toast - 2.990 Ft

Traditional beef goulash soup, fresh bread - 2.490 Ft

Confited leg of duck, caramelized cabbage pasta - 3.490 Ft

Ham hock with crispy skin ’boulanger style’ for 2 - 4.490 Ft


Dessert of the day - 990 Ft

IKON gerbeaud - 1.490 Ft

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