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Pataky Péter és Csomós András

I was brought up with my brothers in Gönc in a family with religious views. As there were only boys in the family everybody had to take out the gap from the housework. I usually chose the chores in the kitchen. The most crucial memories in my life were the big meals at Christmas and Easter when the whole family got together. It was so important for me that they absolutely determined my gastronomic identity. Up to this day there are aromas, foods from my childhood which I will never forget.

I was lucky, that I was living in the country because the chicken and the milk were rural, and we could produce vegetables and fruits in our own yard. Occassionally I had the chance to go fishing with my father and theses times chubs and crucians were fried in paprika powder. If one of the hunters in our neighbourhood could shoot something in the forest we always got some from the meat. There are lots of things which symbolyze the traditional Hungarian winter customs from which the most impressive for me is the atmosphere of making liverwurst and sausages with pickled cucumber during the time we had pig-killings.

I think I decided to become a chef during my high-school years. After the matura exam I attended Aranybika Secondary School of Trade and Catering. After finishing school I worked for lots of different restaurants. My favourite memories are connected to the ”Oroszlános Borvendéglő” and Ireland. Then came the IKON where I started as a deputy- chef.

After two years I was seduced by the leader of Dűlő which is a restaurant in Miskolc. I’m really proud of my success because I created it from the base. Then I wanted to develop and study. That’s why I was very happy when János Macsinka asked me to work with him in Eger at Macok restaurant. I have worked there for three months as a sous chef. I have learnt a lot about being a chef there.

And again, I am here.

I keep an eye on everything in the kitchen because I have great responsibilities. I try to represent in foods what I really am. My personal opinion is that we need the Hungarian values and traditions as a Sunday lunch is usually chicken broth. I believe that a slice of breaded meat needs to be made with the same and careful attitude as a paella with shrimps or pho soup. As Hungarian cuisine is world famous and has a great reputation we need to give back the honour of such kinds of foods like hunter’s stew or squash marrow. Although we need to keep up with the times as well. In recent times a restaurant should offer not only a great meal but it needs to add something special, some scoundrelism and buzz about which people can speak some days later.

We aspire for giving more and better here in IKON.

These are my aims:
Scoundrelism-Humility- Quality.

Scoundrelism in ideas and creativity.
Humility towards the guests and my profession.
Quality in row materials and food.

András Csomós

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