Hungarian gastronomy offers many possibilities. At the Ikon we strive to showcase the diversity of lour local ingredients, taking into account local values, needs and seasonality. We would like to recall traditional flavors, using modern cooking techniques.
Adam moved to England in 2005, where he went through all the stages of his professional career before heading to a Michelin-starred restaurant. He arrived to the Ikon Kitchen from York University, where he cooked for high-profile individuals like Prince of Jordan or II. Queen Elizabeth's daughter, Princess Anna.
We wanted to establish a country restaurant here in Debrecen with the kon, and although the menu is based on Hungarian ingredients, we still manage to slot in some of the fine bistro style. We consider it important to be a place where food is easily understandable, yet the guest will have a lasting experience from the begining untill the end of thei visit.
"For Cooking doesn't always have to be summer, cooking needs love and fantasy. Cooking is the simplest thing in the world and one of the greatest sources of joy."
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