We were at the Bestillo pálinka house last year, when they were already buzzing that they were making something new. A couple of weeks ago a package came with a bottle of Gin. We were the first to taste Bestillo's first Gin at home, Mrs. Millicent.


However, we would not have thought in our boldest dreams that the team would unanimously declare that for them it is currently the number one Hungarian GIN. And the idea immediately came from the head of our chef, Adam, "we have to start something with it", so the Gin o'clock dinner was born where we will offer 5 dishes specially designed with the flavors of this GIN.

What we offer:

  • Salmon, Bergamont, Gin
  • Spenco, nutmeg, local cheese
  • Deer, Juniper, Cabbage
  • G&T
  • Chocolate, Tasmanian pepper, Orange

Dinner price: 18,900ft

Date: August 06. 18:30
(Gin & Tonik will be served for each dish)


More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/359013748420539/ 

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